Churn is a marketplace designed to encourage people to return their unneeded items to the economy. There are three types of transactions: 1. Users can sell items however the proceeds of sales are always donated to a nonprofit cause chosen by the seller. 2. Users can exchange items with one another. 3. Users can gift items to anyone who requests the item.


Q: Can I use Churn to sell something and get paid for it?

A: There are many sites for selling items. Churn is a specialized site for selling-to-donate, supporting nonprofit causes.


Q: Can I split the proceeds of a sale between more than one nonprofit cause?

A: At this time, there’s no way to do this.

Q: I see something available for exchange that I want, but the person is not interested in anything in my collection. Can I offer to buy it?


A: Yes, you can ask the person if they are willing to sell-to-donate.


Q: There is a nonprofit cause I would like to sell-to-donate to, but they are not on the Churn application. Can you add them for me?


A: We can’t add them unilaterally, but they can register themselves here: www.churnpartners.com


Q: What happens if I buy an item but want to cancel the transaction and get a refund.


A: You can cancel a purchase until either the churn is completed (by accepted the item) or within 72 hours of purchasing it.